Inclusivity Statement

Women+ in Physics is an organization for anyone in physics who feels like this space would help them.

This includes women, people of marginalized gender, and those who are questioning their gender. We aim to be an inclusive community to help people of marginalized gender network, study, and find community. This space is explicitly trans-inclusive, and only those who can respect this are welcome. We want to create a space where all experiences of gender are respected, and intersecting experiences with race, sexuality, etc. are embraced. If you feel this goal is not being upheld please reach out to any officer individually or the community as a whole.

If you have any feedback on these rules, would like to report violations of these rules, or just talk about general comfortability in this space, please feel free to message anyone on our officer team or use our anonymous form.

Sincerely, your UW W+iP officers.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events will be posted on the Discord Server.


Megan Sarkissian

Role: Co-Chair
Year/Track: Junior, Applied
Fun fact: I am also working towards getting a minor in Hebrew!
Contact: megsark@uw.edu

Alyda Faugno

Role: Co-Chair
Year/Track: Sophomore, Comprehensive
Fun fact: I memorized the napoleon dynamite dance in high school to do at school dances.
Contact: afaugn@uw.edu

Ryan Welch

Role: Treasurer
Year/Track: Junior, Comprehensive
Fun fact: I really enjoy Spanish poetry!
Contact: rcwelch@uw.edu

Kathryn Wynn

Role: Outreach
Year/Track: Junior, Comprehensive
Fun fact: I like to play DnD and am currently trying to learn to bake vegan pastries!
Contact: kwynn03@uw.edu

Guinevere Berg

Role: Social Media
Year/Track: 4th year, Astronomy
Contact: glkeller@uw.edu

Noor Singh

Role: Secretary
Year/Track: Senior, Applied Physics
Fun fact: I am a semi-professional Magic: the Gathering player.
Contact: noorsin@uw.edu

Old Officer Info

Olivia Peek: co-chair (2023), Physics PhD at Cornell, osp5@cornell.edu

Meghna Shankar: media (2023), Physics PhD at MIT, meghna.shankar@outlook.com

Alex Reynolds: co-chair (2023), Physics PhD at MSU, addington412@gmail.com

Allison Crossland: outreach (2023), gap year, allison.crossland@gmail.com